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Dumbledore's Army

The Knightbus is not longer just world’s hugest Harry Potter Link Archive but from now on headquarter of Dumbledore’s Army as well!

What does the DA offer?

Dumbledore’s Army consists of an online platform for Owners of Harry Potter related websites. This online platform shall help strongly to force contact to other HP site owners and mutual support. Further it shall become a possibility to discuss national and international problems concerning Potter and to find solutions for them.

That way the DA shall give all the middle – sized Harry Potter websites an opportunity to have a word in the big Harry Potter Universe.

The DA has a lot of potential to become a very big and distinguished organisation soon!

Terms of Use

Dumbledore’s Army is not commercial orientated, joining and membership is free of course.

Being a member doesn’t mean to be bound in any way, however we expect that membership is taken seriously, so please only apply for membership if you want your site to become a part of the DA.

Members are expected to clearly state that they are a part of the DA. Further it would be desired to check the forums occasionally (at least once per week) to keep up with recent discussions and projects.

A website which joins should be anxious to keep up the magic of Harry Potter even if the gigantic commercial and promotional aspect is about to crumble.

Only websites can join, it is not possible to join as a private person. Dumbledore’s Army takes at most three people per website to represent the respective website.

It is possible for one person to represent more than one website.

How to join Dumbledore’s Army?

At the moment the system isn’t ready but the DA members already meet in a secret forum.

In case you want your site to become a member, please contact the Knightbus Staff. Your site will be checked then, if everything is ok with it you’ll get an the link to the secret forum and you login data.

The DA is meant to be something serious and therefore we have to make sure that the respective site meets some qualitative conditions.

Sites won’t be accepted if they …

The Order won’t accept websites which



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