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Welcome on KCJS, world’s one and only Job Service for fan sites! Here is some information on this unique service, please read it before you announce a job.

What is the idea behind KCJS?

There is hardly a fan site which isn’t confronted with the problem of too few helping hands. Either there seems to be no one who wants to help or there is no one with the required qualifications. In most cases the main problem is that there are simply not the right people for the respective job among the users.

That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to offer every website which contains something about entertainment media a possibility to announce a job here. That way the KCJS was born!

It’s often quite tricky to keep a fan site alive, we hope this service will bring a huge alleviation for all of you!

What does „KCJS“ mean?

This service doesn’t really deal with Harry Potter, so we didn’t want to name it after something from the Potter story. But is it an accomplishment of our website, and fort hat simple reasonwe named it after our site’s official mascot – The Knight Cruiser! So „KCJS“ means nothing more than „Knight Cruiser’s Job Service“.

Why are there 2 Job Services?

The fundamental idea of  KCJS is to offer this service to EVERY website about something concerning entertainment media. Because of the fact that we are a Harry Potter fan site we offer an extra Potter Job Service as well – the PJS!

How to announce a job?

Quite simply! Just click on „KCJS“ or „Potter Job Service“, depending on whether you’ve got a Harry Potter site or not, then click the button … . Then a form appears which you just have to fill out and to submit it! It’s as simple as that.

Who is allowed to announce a job?

Everybody who has a website that deals with entertainment media like an actor, a musician, a videogame, a movie, everything of that kind, no matter whether it is a fan site, a forum or a RPG.

Who mustn’t announce a job here?

We can’t allow websites with illegal, pornographic or adult contents to announce jobs here. And what we definitely won’t accept is someone abusing this service by trying to advertise a product or something here.

Does it cost money to announce here?

No! No! Definitely not! Everything we hope is positive recommendation.

What can be done by each of you to support the KCJS?

To make this service grow and grow and thus become more efficient it is necessary to have as many people as possible checking the announcements here. So it’d be very kind if you would put one of our buttons on your site to link KCJS. The system behind this service is the following: users from your website are visiting KCJS who probably find an interesting announcement of a different site where they’d like to help, and people who come from other sites will maybe find your announcement and want to help you!

What else is important?

This is important information for those of you who are looking for a job here: please bear in mind that all these jobs are offered by fan sites which do not earn money, so the jobs are complimentary and will not be paid!

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