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It was on February, 10th 2007, a Saturday. In the evening I was alone at home and decided that watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban would be very helpful to have a nice time. And while I was watching I suddenly developed the wish to make an own Harry Potter website, it was really strange, suddenly I had the idea to make a collection of all Harry Potter links. So I turned on the computer and made a first draft of how the site should look some day. I stayed up till 3 o’clock in the morning to take notes about that idea. And of course I instantly wrote an E – Mail to Gandalf to tell him about this idea.

The next day I met with two friends, Andrew M. and David, and I told them about my plans, well David was quite enthusiastic about it as well, so he wanted to help on the site.

The next weeks I spent looking for links. Unfortunately both, David and Gandalf had to serve at the army then, so there was not much time for making a website. This changed in the end of March, when they finished their respective army service.

From that time on we are working hard to provide the KB as soon as possible.

I would really like to write more now but I don't like to write something down that's in the future.


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