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Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan

For many years Thomas Sailer was active in the virtual Harry Potter fan community: He started helping out on the renowned fansite 'Emma Watson Empire' and advanced, from a normal site visitor, to the site's representative just within a few months. Two years later, he founded the Knight Bus, world's most likely biggest Harry Potter link archive. And finally, he started the organisation 'The international network of Harry Potter Websites': His attempt to get the worldwide fandom to collaborate and to keep it in one piece after the release of the final Harry Potter movie. In this book, he talks about his activities and inducements, as well as the influence which the Harry Potter story had on his life.

Der Freizeitpionier

Ferdinand just takes each day as it comes because his exhausting job frustrates him. Frequent working overtime and daily commuting use up his leisure. His living conditions rapidly change when the company unexpectedly fires him. But instead of resigning, he perceives the dismissal as a chance: He enjoys his newly gained freedom and decides to not longer inconsiderately obey his role in society. Ferdinand eagerly tries to finally organize his life in compliance with his wishes; but the pressure from outside to find a safe job again is constantly growing …

Die Aktivistin

Europe, in the autumn of 2018: The European Parliament proclaims the imminent abolishment of hard cash in the whole euro area – in favour of a purely digital payment system. While politicians begin to praise the forthcoming currency reform to the skies, there arises huge frustration within the populace: Many are aware that a system of purely digital payment transactions means an absolute control over the finances of the individual. Johanna Perl, a student from Lower Austria, decides to actively protest against the decision of the central government on the internet – and meets with an unexpected response. When the Slovakian university professor Kaspar Petržalkov becomes aware of her, there soon originates a collaboration between the student and the scholar – which results in a serious resistance movement. Johanna and professor Petržalkov know for sure: Europe is sitting on a political powder keg. And so they dare themselves into the fight against the system.

Die Wüstenpflanze



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