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Happy Birthday Knight!

Tom on 23.4.2008 at 0:17


One year ago the Knight Bus went officially online. So we are celeberating our first anniversary!

Incredible, it's already a year since we opened the Knight Bus, world's hugest Harry Potter link archive!

The idea to found the Knight Bus came up on February 10th 2007. I was working the whole day on the Mercedes which became the Knight Cruiser a few months later.

In the evening I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and around 23:45 I had the idea to found the Knight Bus.

It took us until April 23rd 2007 to make the whole site, layout etc. and naturally to put together our massive archive!

The idea was to give every Harry Potter fan access to a huge mass of fan communities, forums, Rpg's, etc. categorized in languages as well, to help everybody with finding good Harry Potter websites easily.

In September 2007 the Knight Bus became the founding website of the DA, the International Network for Harry Potter Websites.

We thank all our users for visiting :)




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