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Rupert Grint sues "The Sun"

Tom on 19.4.2008 at 23:56

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Rupert Grint sues "The Sun" reputedly because of a fake interview.

A few days ago an interview with Rupert Grint was published which he gave "The Sun". But as it turned out Grint never gave that interview and now induces legal measures.

In this interview he talks about his kissing scene in harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and has some bad stuff to say about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. But as it turned out now, he never said all those things.

"Because of the articles, which were published this week Rupert Grint wants to let everybody know that he never met Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton and that he never made negative comments about them. He never talked bad about Los angeles as well. He will induce legal measures against those papers now. "

Let's wish him luck with the lawsuit because it this interview is fake indeed it serves the papers which published it more than right to be sued, since they lied to millions of readers.




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