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The last Book was released!

Tom on 22.7.2007 at 18:16


Yesterday Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out.

Incredibly isn't it?

Seems like yesterday when most of us started becoming massive Harry Potter fans, and suddenly the last book is out. For the very first time we'll know how the whole story ends.

Fortunately there are still 2 Films, which aren't even shot, so Harry Potter will be with us for some years.

And according to J.K. Rowling it's possible that an eight book or something similar ill come out once ... althoug the fact that the epilogue tells what's going on 19 years later makes it pretty unlikely there will be an extention to the story.

But let's hope the best.

Well, so enjoy the last book and make sure you stay true Harry Potter fans!



P.s. I doubt there's much purpose in writing news today, you're all sitting and reading the bokk aren't you ? :-)


am 7.8.2016 um 20:44


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am 23.7.2007 um 11:49


Harry Potter is alive!!!

am 22.7.2007 um 18:26


Oh my god, it's so unbelievable! I can't imagine it! I'll go crazy without Potter!

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